Monday, September 15, 2008

Linens by Marghab

The following is from a tiny booklet titled "Linens by Marghab" that came with a Georg Jensen box of two fingertip towels in the Plume pattern:

"Lift out of its box your Marghab Linen... Hold it in your hands and look at it... What you see appears to be an exquisite hand-embroidered piece worthy of the most careful Collector's choice... It is a part of the world-famous Marghab Collection of hand-wrought Linens. But look again and see what qualities there are which make Marghab distinct, time-less and pure... You will see a fineness of fabric, a beauty of design, a precision of stitch, perhaps a glow of color... all this and more... for Marghab is the outcome of an inspired purpose and the acceptance of a great challenge.

Imagine a Portuguese Palacio on the Island of Madeira where vast bolts of glowing colored linen from the famed looms of Northern Ireland... a myriad of colored threads from France... sheer Margandie, masterpiece of Swiss weavers... all are assembled to serve as backgrounds for the Marghab designs... In turn each piece reaching the patiently trained peasant hands of a Marghab embroideress, will come into its own individual perfection... Picture her taking stitch by stitch so that you may own a precious piece of Marghab.

But why "precious"?... And what should "fine" really mean?... In answer to this far-reaching questions, two young people... Vera Way, of American pioneer descent and Emile Marghab, her husband, reared in the crusading British tradition... both thinkers, artists, scholars, doers... found the Marghab organization... Here everything was to be tested by the same high standard... not only the things which the eye can see ~ materials, threads, designs and workmanship ~ but also those all-important things which the eye cannot see... and which they believed would equally determine the fineness of the product... Today Marghab is making history.

The Marghab Collection stands alone, unique and beautiful... From it designs have been chosen by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City as part of their permanent collection.

Every piece of Marghab is an original... No piece less fine than any other... Whether it is a towel, a handkerchief, a set of place mats or a lovely table cloth... each reflects the whole of Marghab... Look once more and cherish what you hold because of what it represents...

The Marghab Shop ~ Georg Jensen , Inc. 667 Fifth Ave., New York"