Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

Inspiration comes to me when I envision pretty, little objects like vintage sewing notions, lace, buttons and embroidery thread. Put them together with an old photograph, artfully arranged in a shadow box, and Voila. I can sit on a beach all day picking shells, or sift through a tin filled with old buttons. Not many like to iron, but I love it... only vintage linens though. There's nothing like restoring an antique tablecloth, a lace handkerchief or a chenille bedspread back to its original splendor. I find inspiration admiring skilled, Madeira embroidery just as much as a dresser scarf embroidered from a kit. Handmade, crochet lace, as with all of these old textiles has become a lost art. I lovingly collect all of these things, preserving them for my collections and restoring them for someone else to enjoy for years to come.

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